Join us to experience the latest innovations in electrostatics for the printing and converting industry

It feels like spring awakening to be able to send out trade show invitations again after two years. We are very pleased to finally be able to welcome you in person again in Milan at Print4All. After two years of predominantly digital communication, we are so pleased to be able to present our technology and innovation to you in person again.

Enulec offers a range of customized ESA customer solutions:
standard top-loading, maintenance-free top-loading, core-charging, side-loading.
These contribute significantly to a stable, standardized and highly productive printing process and meet the highest safety standards.  Packaging printing in particular, with its wide variety of film substrates and their individual properties, still poses a particular challenge for the safe operation of an ESA.

The innovative patented ENULEC ESA ROTO-Film technology meets these special requirements especially in the packaging market.



The advantages of Enulec’s ESA systems include, in addition to capacitance-free charging, “Dynamically Balanced Charging” for balancing impression roller loads in gravure presses, lower ESA voltage between the impression roller and charging electrode compared to other such systems, and function control by a traffic light warning.
In addition, according to the company’s self-assessment and that of European gravure press manufacturers, the air-assisted charging bar and the possibility of direct loading make Enulec’s ESA systems the safest of their kind.

Gravure printing is known for its outstanding print quality, which has been further improved by the ESA Direct Charging system. In this context, the maintenance-free and patented fluid transfer system developed by Enulec has proven itself on the market in recent years. This ESA technology is an innovative system that does not use failure-prone and openly arranged slip rings or brushes that have to be replaced at regular intervals. The Direct Charging System is a power transmission unit that charges the impression roller core (sleevedorn) via a specially developed fluid transfer system, thus enabling the ink-filled cells of the grounded gravure cylinder to be better emptied and transferred to the substrate.

Innovations are the engine for lasting success.
Our research team productively strives forward with our latest innovation from ENULEC, in the form of a further development of our ESA ROTO-Film Pro technology into an intelligent ESA system.
Innovations and technical progress are regarded as essential indicators of international competitiveness. Numerous patents prove this innovation process of the company. Creativity, agility and openness to new ideas are the keys that keep this process alive and with which the transition to Industry 4.0 will hopefully be just as successful. However, these technical innovations are not the goal, but rather serve to benefit the people who work in this professional segment.