What´s ESA

Optimum print results with the     ENULEC® ESA Elimination of dot skip or missing dots  with the ability to produce quality of a consistently high standard over long running periods.

ESA Roto Film

The latest in new developments from ENULEC® ESA Roto Film enables gravure printers to safely print onto film with an exclusive capacitance free technology.   


Innovative discharge system with 24V input voltage The intensity  can be automatically adjusted to the respective application, thus allowing for material-optimised discharging.

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ENULEC® Your Global Partner for innovations in Gravure Printing.

ENULEC Electrostatic Printing Assist systems are used by many of the world’s leading gravure printers and machine manufacturers of flexible packaging, tobacco packaging, décor and colour print for publication to improve and maintain the highest standards of print quality by creating the conditions for optimum ink transfer and eliminating “missing dots, dot skips”.  
ENULEC was awarded by GAA
ENULEC received awards in four categories from the GAA. A particular pleasure, as around 100 companies in the printing industry compete for this coveted award worldwide every year. For us, it was a nice confirmation that our philosophy of reconciling sustainability, quality as well as efficiency and cost savings is appealing. We have continued to follow this idea over the years, for example with the further development of our patented ESA Roto Film Pro system.
The global service network of ENULEC
The worldwide service department of ENULEC responds quickly to customers’ requirements within 24 hours and provides a tailor-made solution to each and every customer need.
Special service for our contract customers:

Remote Control Service – Safe maintenance from a distance

ENULEC has set new standards for ESA’s system control. Especially now, in corona times, the use of our Remote Control Service program has proven its worth.

A secure and encrypted connection enables the IT staff in our data center to access your ESA control system directly.
Downtimes and maintenance costs can thus be reduced.
The retrieved data is intelligently analyzed and evaluated, so that problems can be prevented in advance in order to prevent machine failures in advance.

Our standards

The company’s vision stands for 40 years for unrivalled quality, that is the only way of long-term cooperations.

ENULEC is the only manufacturer worldwide whose appliances can be integrated in each specific machine control system.

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Electrostatic Solutions


Static ____ charging

Gravure printing is characterized particularly by its outstanding quality of print which has been further improved by the innovative Enulec ESA Direct Charging – Side Loading system leading to the establishment of new standards. This unique and patent technology enables best quality print results to be achieved in the gravure process whilst adhering to the highest safety standards. This technology is integrated into the products of worldwide leading machine manufacturers and is offered to gravure printers as a complete turnkey package.


Static Inline Control

The ENULEC Inline Static Measurement System offers new possibilities for process optimization and an increase in safety during production. Substrates of all types are analysed for electrostatic charge in an inline process and the results so measured are recorded. When a pre-selectable warning threshold has been reached, the system provides a signal to the operator and provides information concerning the critical state of any static electrical charge which is present. The equipment further provides a signal contact to the machine control so offering optimum control over the production process.


Static ____ Elimination

The special discharge bar system is designed to meet highest safety requirements especially in a heavy contaminated environment. With this discharge bar manufactured from heat and shock resistant special glass-fi bre reinforced material the pins are addressed to the substrate through a unique pin layout to ensure that the substrate is fully discharged. This feature enables more effi cient discharge of the web and discharge at higher speeds.

Success Stories

ENULEC is a German company situated in Trittau not far from Hamburg. Since the 1980s, ENULEC has concentrated on the design and supply of first class electrostatic printing assist systems and discharging systems, developing real expertise in this area.  This expertise, including the skills necessary to install and service the equipment, is shared by the international team working for the company, all of whom have been with ENULEC for a great number of years.  ENULEC has already supplied a great number of ESA systems to customers including member companies of the largest groups involved in the flexible packaging, cigarette package and décor printing industry.