What does ENULEC® ESA do?

Electrostatic Printing Assist (ESA) is designed to optimise the transfer of ink from the gravure cylinder to the printing substrate by creating an electric field in the area of the nip to assist the capillary action of the gravure process. The result is the elimination or reduction of „dot skip“ or „missing dots“ and the ability to produce quality of a consistently high standard over long running periods without the need to make changes to machine settings (viscosity, impression roller, cleaning the gravure cylinder cells, etc.) Advantages of using ENULEC ESA in the rotogravure printing process – WHAT DOES THE ESA1000compact offer?

In the gravure printing process, as with our processes, there is an ongoing need to improve and refine the qualtity of print achieved

ENULEC Electrostatic Assist System

ENULEC Electrostatic Printing Assist systems are used by many of the world’s leading gravure printers and machine manufacturers of flexible packaging, tobacco packaging, décor and colour print for publication to improve and maintain the highest standards of print quality by creating the conditions for optimum ink transfer and eliminating “missing dots, dot skips”. They are suitable for use with water based and non metallic solvent based inks when printing on paper, board and plastic film substrates. They are tested and certified to the latest ATEX  safety standards and are characterized by their reliability, their low maintenance design and their user friendliness.

  • ENULEC ESA ensure always optimum ink transfer
  • Prevents the cell dry blocking issue on all types of plastic film and paper materials
  • Eliminates “ Missing dots – Dot Skips”
  • Improves ink density
  • Complete Gravure Cell Evacuation

The ESA principle in gravure printing


What does this look like in practice?

Optimisation of print quality

Elimination of dangerous flashes