the guiding principle

With an idea and a vision into the world

The ENULEC philosophy
ENULEC - a global company

Creativity is not the creation of things.

Creativity, describes an open mind that sees the existing, and make something new come out of it.


The idea to improve…

One knows this story from the media, in connection with a very successful computer company. A young student has an idea and starts to work on first drafts and prototypes in his garage.

As if it were the same script – that’s how the story of ENULEC’s creation reads. At the young student’s side, from the very beginning, his partner and later wife.

During a student internship in a then market-leading printing company, the company founder experienced the deficits of the current printing processes. The print quality was often poor. The transmission paths were prone to interference and primitive. Printing unit fires were part of the printing company’s risk and safety precautions to counteract electrostatic charges were only rudimentary and often consisted only of adventurous auxiliary constructions.

'It can be done better,
safer and cheaper'

Hubertus Dettke

Today, a team of engineers, electronics and IT specialists, employees in design, sales and research, who are committed to the company’s guidelines, carry this vision. This results in the development of innovative, high-quality products that guarantee quality and security in the printing process and are available at an optimal price-performance ratio.

With this mission statement, ENULEC has become the market leader for electrostatic printing assist systems over the years, with subsidiaries in Italy, the USA and China as well as a worldwide service network that guarantees 24/7 service.

That´s what the young electrical engineering student said at the time. This idea gave rise to a vision that still guides the ENULEC company today.

 • Best quality

• Optimum safety

• Attractive price

The global ENULEC Team
The global service network of ENULEC

Innovations and technical progress are regarded as essential indicators of international competitiveness. Numerous patents prove this innovation process of the company. Creativity, agility and openness to new ideas are the keys that keep this process alive and with which the transition to Industry 4.0 will hopefully be just as successful. However, these technical innovations are not the goal, but rather serve to benefit the people who work in this professional segment.

We are looking forward to you