Business meets Science

Research is the path from an idea to a sustainable innovation

ENULEC invests in future-oriented research projects
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Theodore Levitt, the former Harvard professor and creator of the term globalization, once said:

“Creativity means thinking things in new ways. Innovation means making new things.”

A good idea is born quickly, but it only becomes an innovation when it can be implemented on the market in new products, services or processes. This is often the result of years of work and research.

ENULEC is the market leader in Electrostatic Assist Systems. The vision of ensuring safety and quality in printing and processing production with innovative technology is supported by intensive research work with international colleges and universities.

A substantial part of the annual turnover is reinvested in research work, the results of which are gratefully received by many machine manufacturers for the development of future-proof printing and processing machines.
For example, the new patented ENULEC RotoFilm-PRO ESA system was immediately embraced by all European OEM press manufacturers, as it is the first and only ESA to be integrated into the PLC of all these press manufacturers allowing the press to directly control the ESA systems.


ENULEC corporation with College of Engineering ans Technology, Pune
ENULEC research corporation with Hochschule der Medien
ENULEC research corporation with Western Michigan University

Numerous other patents of ENULEC have resulted from the sucess of this cooperation.