ENULEC® Technology

for Italy, Switzerland and France

Arnold Dalla Bona – Managing Director
Via Pianaccio 16, CH-6935 Bosco Luganese

  • Phone: +41-916 00 1475 – Fax: +41-916 00 1476
  • Mobile: +41-76-3655055
  • e-mail: arnold.dallabona@enulec.com

Our subsidiary company

Enulec® technology for italy, france an worldwide. Our local representatives are available to answer your questions. Call them or send an e-Mail

Enulec offers custom designed solutions to electrostatic related problems. The product range includes highly effective and innovative ESA systems (standard top loading, maintenance free top loading, core charging and side loading systems) which have helped customers in the gravure printing industry to achieve high quality print standards along with high productivity and maximum standards of safety. In addition to this, EST electrostatic discharging systems assist customers in the printing and plastics processing industries to successfully eliminate static charges in machines such as winders, slitters and laminating machines, so ensuring smooth and safe production processes