ENULEC's patented automatic charge change on the impression rollers

ENULEC® ESA technology – a field report

The customizable balance of ENULEC® technology Imagine a soap bubble The soap bubble does not form a uniform surface. The alkaline film varies by millionths of a millimeter, so that the light in the visible range of approx. 400-720 nm is reflected at the surface of the soap bubble at
ENULEC electrostatic assist technology

New ESA Roto Film PRO

NEW ESA ROTO Film-PRO the latest in new developments from ENULEC® enables gravure printers to safely print onto film with an exclusive capacitance free technology that effectively penetrates ESA through all types of film substrates with a dynamically balanced charge program designed to counteract the double layer charge that can
Inline Measurement and ENULEC electrostatic assist system

ENULEC® ESA for Film

ESA for film is a popular solution for optimized gravure cell evacuation and improved print quality. Growth of ENULEC installations onto existing rotogravure lines specifically for printing film substrates accounts for approximately 80% of systems delivered while 20% are derived from the requirements of the rotogravure paper sector. For all
The global service network of ENULEC

ENULEC Electrostatics global leader

ENULEC Electrostatics global leader in ESA for the Rotogravure industry is currently expanding addition to their manufacturing facility near Hamburg. This year greater than 700 ESA were booked into production leading into 4th quarter and the company continues to grow sales by 20% annually. The increased manufacture space will further
ENULEC ESA1000 electrostatic assist system

Gravure printing without missing dots

January 19, 2018 Electrostatic printing assist (ESA) generally improves print quality, since it helps to eliminate missing dots. But if the press operator has selected the wrong ESA system or uses it incorrectly, it can itself cause problems with gravure printing presses. This article was written by Ansgar Wessendorf You