“[…]The Gravure Association of the Americas, Inc. is a trade association. It was formed in January 2013 as the result of the merger between the Packaging and Label Gravure Association Global (PLGA Global) and the Gravure Asociation of America (GAA).  The two organizations consolidated their resources with the intent to create a more effective and responsive association.  PLGA Global was established in 1989, while GAA was formed in 1987 as a result of the merger between the  Gravure Technical Association (GTA) and the Gravure Research Institute (GRI). Both GTA and GRI had been in existence since 1947.[…]”
quoted from www.gaa.org, requested 25.09.2017)

Save the date: Oktober 3-4, 2017

Our US Partner Mr. Joe Steingraeber, will speek on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 on the topic of

Innovation Inkubator
»Find out what new advances are being developed in the gravure marketplace«

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