The manufacturer of electrostatic printing assist systems (ESA) has been honoured with the International Gravure Award 2023 from the European Rotogravure Association (ERA) in the category “Process Innovation”.

Intelligent static load monitoring process

The centrepiece of ESA Roto-Film-Pro/StaticLoop 360° is an intelligent static charge monitoring process, which ensures maximum safety and quality, especially in potentially explosive atmospheres. To reduce electrostatic charges, four patented Enulec ESA technologies have been integrated into a measurement and control-based loop system. For this purpose, the system learns the static values during the printing process and then automatically adjusts the power and polarity of the ESA to the lowest achievable static level.

To ensure safe operation of printing and converting machines, Roto-Film-Pro/StaticLoop 360° reduces the static values of the substrate web to the lowest possible level. By preventing uncontrolled discharge of high trapped charges, this new ESA system makes printing on various substrates much safer. Compared to other ESA systems, this innovative solution completely neutralises the electrostatic charges on the film web and significantly reduces the trapped charges (double layer charges) in the film substrate. Another innovation from Enulec is the optional tachometric compensation for automatic control of the ESA intensity depending on the web speed.


Enulec concepts offer a tried-and-tested, integral system for flexo and gravure printing, the processing industry and for surface finishing, consisting of the ESA, unloading, measurement and charge control modules


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